sábado, 7 de abril de 2012

Espiando en los 80's Mix Vol 4 [Selekta By Fredloafer]

1-Aparato Raro - Ultimatum
2-Tequila - Salta
3-Los Ilegales - Hola,mamoncete
4-Serious Drinking - Winters Over
5-Tranzista - Better Beware
6-XTC - Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen
7-Matt Bianco - Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed [Long Version]
8-The Untouchables - The General
9-The Lambrettas - Watch Out Im' Back
10-The Merton Parkas - Give It To Me Now
11-The Magnetics - Not My Home
12-The Passions - Brick Wall
13-Bigger Thomas - Chaos
14-Program 81 - The Missink Link
15-The Defendants - Music
16-Bryam Adams - Reggae Christmas


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