martes, 1 de febrero de 2011

Episodio#25 Caricuao Sound System 30-01-2011

1-Derrick Harriott - Do I Worry
2-Lynn Taitt & The Jets - Crime Don't Pay (Feat. The Kingstonians)
3-Delano Stewart - Stay A Little Bit Longer
4-The Tennors - Ride Your Donkey
5-Dave Barker - Follow Your Heart
6-Mr Tokyo And The Beat Goes On - Easy
7-The Cars - Touch And Go
8-The Busters - Under Cover
9-The Busters - She Was My Girl (Feat. Laurel Aitken)
10-El Bosso & Die Ping Pongs - Mafia Tanz
11-Sto Zvirat - Plac
12-Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Ska-Ka-Bop
13-The Big Six - Blue Moon ( Muchas gracias a Miguel Angel Juárez "Derry Jammers" por éste material)
14-Al Campbell - Really Really Love You
15-Wailing Souls - A Fool Will Fall
16-Aston "Familyman" Barrett - Woman In Love (Feat. Maria Anderson)
17-Capital Letters - Buzz Rock
18-Tradition - Reggae Music
19-Aguamala - Sin Hablar


O Escúchalo por éste reproductor

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